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There are single and multi-row Cultured Pearl Necklaces, available in both classic and contemporary lengths. Our magnificent South Sea, Tahitian, and Akoya Pearls are hand-selected, so each necklace is one of a kind—expertly matched and hand strung by our Master Pearler.

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jWS Oval Water Pearl RingjWS Oval Water Pearl Ring
jWS Oval Water Pearl Ring Sale priceFrom $36.34 USD
JWS Pearl Around BraceletJWS Pearl Around Bracelet
JWS Pearl Around Bracelet Sale price$33.38 USD
Baroque Star Dangling Crystal Earring
Drop Pearl Spoon EarringDrop Pearl Spoon Earring
Drop Pearl Spoon Earring Sale priceFrom $18.54 USD
Rothkko Asymmetrical Pearl EarringRothkko Asymmetrical Pearl Earring
JWS Pearls Station NecklaceJWS Pearls Station Necklace
JWS Pearls Station Necklace Sale priceFrom $50.43 USD
Sold outPearl Ear Jacket Studs Earring - jWSPearl Ear Jacket Studs Earring - jWS
Pearl Ear Jacket Studs Sale priceFrom $56.37 USD
Keshi Pearl Drop NecklaceKeshi Pearl Drop Necklace
Keshi Pearl Drop Necklace Sale price$70.46 USD
Triple Pearl EarringTriple Pearl Earring
Triple Pearl Earring Sale price$70.46 USD
Roca Heart EarringsRoca Heart Earrings
Roca Heart Earrings Sale priceFrom $36.34 USD
polar ocean pearl necklace - jWS
polar pearl necklace Sale price$70.46 USD
jWS English Rose Sterling Silver Bracelet - jWSjWS English Rose Sterling Silver Bracelet - jWS
Save $4.45Rosey Pearl Earring
Rosey Pearl Earring Sale price$43.76 USD Regular price$48.21 USD
JWS Baroque Ocean Pearl Bracelet - jWSJWS Baroque Ocean Pearl Bracelet - jWS
Sold outByzantine glazed glass pearl earring
Baroque Pearl Drop EarringBaroque Pearl Drop Earring
Baroque Pearl Drop Earring Sale price$55.63 USD
Sold outByzantine Baby Pearl Rope chain BraceletByzantine Baby Pearl Rope chain Bracelet
Heart Zircon Drop Pearl EarringHeart Zircon Drop Pearl Earring
Rainbow Pearl All around BraceletRainbow Pearl All around Bracelet
Proves Handmade Pearl Chain Straw HatProves Handmade Pearl Chain Straw Hat
Knot Chain Pearl BraceletKnot Chain Pearl Bracelet
Knot Chain Pearl Bracelet Sale price$55.63 USD
Sold outShell Drop Baroque Pearl EarringShell Drop Baroque Pearl Earring
Shell Drop Baroque Pearl Earring Sale priceFrom $25.96 USD
Sold outjws Mini Pearl Natural Necklacejws Mini Pearl Natural Necklace
jws Mini Pearl Natural Necklace Sale price$100.87 USD
Pearl Sale price$35.60 USD
JWS Fresh Water Round Pearl Bracelet
Baroque Ocean Pearl with Chain Necklace - jWSBaroque Ocean Pearl with Chain Necklace - jWS
Baroque ocean Pearl Hook necklace - jWSBaroque ocean Pearl Hook necklace - jWS
Y Drop Pearl NecklaceY Drop Pearl Necklace
Y Drop Pearl Necklace Sale priceFrom $70.46 USD
Biwa Pearl Dangle Ruby EarringBiwa Pearl Dangle Ruby Earring
Biwa Pearl Dangle Ruby Earring Sale price$57.85 USD
Handcraft Pearl Tie pendent NecklaceHandcraft Pearl Tie pendent Necklace
Save $8.16Oval Pearl EarringOval Pearl Earring
Oval Pearl Earring Sale price$43.02 USD Regular price$51.18 USD
Baroque Effortless Pearl Rare Necklace - jWSBaroque Effortless Pearl Rare Necklace - jWS
2way wear Hoop Pearl Earring2way wear Hoop Pearl Earring
2way wear Hoop Pearl Earring Sale price$55.63 USD
Mother of Pearl Sterling silver ringMother of Pearl Sterling silver ring
Sold outJws Baroque Pearl Hook Earring
Jws Baroque Pearl Hook Earring Sale price$140.18 USD
Sold outRibbon Pearl NecklaceRibbon Pearl Necklace
Ribbon Pearl Necklace Sale price$63.04 USD
jws baby rice pearl necklacejws baby rice pearl necklace
jws baby rice pearl necklace Sale price$71.94 USD
Sold outBaroque Two Way Wear Dangle EarringsBaroque Two Way Wear Dangle Earrings
JWS Artemis Pearl Crystals NecklaceJWS Artemis Pearl Crystals Necklace
Sold outNatural Pearls Not a Tie - jWSNatural Pearls Not a Tie - jWS
jWS drop pearl chain necklacejWS drop pearl chain necklace
jWS drop pearl chain necklace Sale price$71.20 USD
Bee pearl earring
Bee pearl earring Sale price$36.34 USD
Fresh Water Pearl Hair ClipFresh Water Pearl Hair Clip
Fresh Water Pearl Hair Clip Sale price$20.77 USD
Sold outSave $14.84Fashion Pearl Hair Clip-Bow tieFashion Pearl Hair Clip-Bow tie
Fashion Pearl Hair Clip-Bow tie Sale price$18.54 USD Regular price$33.38 USD
Black Agate Pearl Wave NecklaceBlack Agate Pearl Wave Necklace
Black Agate Pearl Wave Necklace Sale price$140.92 USD
JWS Baroque Pearl Around Branch EarringJWS Baroque Pearl Around Branch Earring
Semi-Baroque Pearl Necklace
Semi-Baroque Pearl Necklace Sale price$92.71 USD
Dual Pearl NecklaceDual Pearl Necklace
Dual Pearl Necklace Sale price$92.71 USD