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18K Gold

 18k solid gold pieces are made to last forever. Solid 18K gold jewelry is the most expensive and high quality option as it doesn't rub off or flake, and doesn't tarnish. 18k Gold actually increases in value over time, and 18k solid gold jewelry has the best resale value.

we offer a lifetime repairs service for a small fee, so you can wear your jewellery again and again.

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18K Gold Star Chain Earring18K Gold Star Chain Earring
18K Gold Star Chain Earring Sale price£77.53 GBP
18K Gold Pearl Chain Earring18K Gold Pearl Chain Earring
18K Gold Pearl Chain Earring Sale price£77.53 GBP
Mirror reflective 18K Gold Y-necklaceMirror reflective 18K Gold Y-necklace
JWS 3-4 Pearls Station 18K Gold Bracelet
Sold out18K Gold Mirror Reflection Pearl Necklace18K Gold Mirror Reflection Pearl Necklace